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Digital Artisian Architectural Assemblies

Spatial solutions through ceramics

D-AAA is Digital

The use of advanced computational tools allows us to design forms through imported data that can be easily modified and customized throughout the process.

These tools transform the design stage into a much more precise, accessible and simpler process, no matter how complex the geometry of the piece is.

As a result, we create virtual prototypes that give us valuable information about how to fabricate them in real life.

D-AAA is Artisan

We handcraft each piece in our studio, with the help of the tools that are characteristic of the ceramic process and supported by meticulous and experimental material investigation.

The ceramic process is slow by nature. The pieces are first modeled using the most appropriate technique. Then, they dry up completely before going into the kiln for a first firing at 900ºC. After being fired, the pieces can be decorated with glaze and other elements that add color to them. Subsequently, the pieces are fired for a second time at 1100-1300ºC which will depend on the nature of the clay. Only after all these steps the pieces are ready to be installed.

We believe in the value of handcrafted fabrication as it connects us with tradition and uniqueness, making each project special.

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Diseño con feedback del cliente


Encofrados de las piezas


Elaboración de la cerámica


Ensamblaje y montaje final

D-AAA is Architecture

With a background in architecture, we would like to offer bespoke spatial solutions through ceramics. As one of the oldest construction materials, clay can be used in a wide range of scales and contexts thanks to its structural, functional and decorative properties when fired.

D-AAA is Assemblies

Due to the nature of the material and the fabrication methods, we create modular pieces that can adapt to any geometry and spatial situation. 

We think of these pieces as individual, simple units that are then assembled into a bigger and more complex element.

Meet the Team


Sara Fernández Almendáriz

D-3A Founder

Architect and designer

Experimental ceramic artist

  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
LAURA - Ardurart.jpg

Laura García Ardura

D-3A Founder

Architect, parametric data designer & Architectural Visualizer (VR-AR)

Unreal Engine Instructor

  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco

Our Clients

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